Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ideas For Bad Shows

Every fall/winter/summer/spring (wrong order, of course), there are a couple of reality shows that in my opinion are meant to failure in hopes of highlighting better shows at earlier or later time slots. Here are a couple of ideas for really bad reality shows mostly aimed at middle-aged Americans.

- What's The Best You Can Do For Me?
Each week, we follow a new fellow or gal looking for better insurance coverage at a lower or same price. The contestant goes into various insurance agencies, handles their paperwork and simply asks the thrilling question of: "What's The Best You Can Do For Me?" thus putting the agent in a struggling situation in front of the cameras. Some contestants might be able to get better quotas and coverage, and some might not.

- Apple Martyrs
Each week, we meet a new Apple products consumer who has recently purchased a new Apple product (iMac, MacBook, iPod/iPhone, iPad etc) and we see his/her emotions and decisions after Apple has a released a new updated and newer version of the product he/she has bought. Will he/she sell it on Craigslist or simply keep the product?

- Honesty OBO (or best offer)
As America grows fonder and more obsessed with Craigslist, we decide to tests many of its sellers' honesty by hiring actors and pretending they are interested in their items (mostly furniture items such as mattresses, couches, kitchen tables and/or cars). Once an offer is made and calls have been exchanged, our actors tell the sellers they suffer from a disease in which their fragile lives are put in even more danger if he/she is sitting/laying/driving an object in which sex has been performed. We test the seller's honesty as America sees the unraveling emotions of these as they respond to our question: "Have you ever had sex on/in this object?"

-15 and Banged.
We meet a new fifteen year old girl whose bangs have recently been ruined by being cut too short. We follow their lives as they meet their friends, boyfriends and families with their new-ruined bangs and we see the social chaos this can create in their lives as they struggle and wait every day for their bangs to grow out.

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