Friday, September 2, 2011

Throught The Lows & Lower.

I've been so sad these past weeks, so sad and hopeless. I actually like it. I feel so vulnerable and so unarmed. No one knows this except anyone who might read this but I don't care much about it because this sadness is mine. I sometimes like to weep silently, and I read and watch the saddest things I can come across to feel sadder because I get so much out of it. The only thing I wish I had was that room I've been fantasizing about for months: all white, only a bed and a desk and nothing else, lots of sunlight covered by shutters and isolated walls. I've been doing so much writing lately that I feel like I could get a good album out of this if I was musician. An album released in the winter to match its melodies and lyrics.

Many people think that being sad means moping around all day in your sleeping garments with no self-esteem but it can actually mean just a time in your day where you can devote your most vulnerable and most sensible emotions to.

Currently Listening To: "Paris Blue" by Lykke Li.

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Jules said...

Yes to all that. Yes.