Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In About Two Months,

I will be turning another year older and birthday gifts are always welcomed. Someone just recently asked me what I would like for my birthday (and since miracles are not more bound to happen in your birthday) I decided that all I want is in the following list:

-A hand-me-down book you have recently read and liked.
-Anything vintage.
-An Eames lounge chair (only if you are rich enough to give out Eames furniture like it's nothing).
-Objectified or Helvetica in DVD (you all know that I hate and will never like online TV/cinema).
-A letter or postcard (consider me a wuss or old fashioned but no email will ever replace paper format messages).
-Nutella jars.
-A new skateboard (any skateboard, in any condition)
-This ukulele.
-Nag Champa Incense sticks from Gonesh Sticks.
-A cheese cake.
-My sleeping schedule back.

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