Saturday, August 27, 2011

You Will Hate Me For This

Recently, I have become very interested in purchasing what people call "lesbian sandals", forgive me but I actually do kind of like how they look, specially with a pair of rolled up chinos and a solid striped top but since I have too many pairs of sandals (or shoes in general) I still found myself very hesitant to purchase them. I have seen them more and more around New Mexico (or maybe because New Mexicans are actually a bit more careless and more secure when it comes to style?). Carlos purchased a pair and posted a picture of the pair he plans to purchase in the future, which I really started to fantasize with, and I decided that the possibilities of me buying them are bigger but then again...I wish they were leather but doesn't that take the whole purpose out of the sandal? Anyways, if I decide to buy myself a pair, I have my mind set on this simple and masculine pair:

Like I said, not only are they masculine and simple, the back ankle strap is also removable. Since I hardly ever splurge on myself (full prize that is), I think I will buy these for myself once I get paid.

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