Friday, August 26, 2011


So, like I said on my previous journal, I started this blog because I was very tired with my previous journal and all the teenage angst it held as well as the bewildering memories it was sometimes stained with, and since my Tumblr blog is mostly a life-style blog, curated with images of stylish men and women (which I'm a bit tired of since everything I have been around ever since I was a toddler have been clothes, clothes, and more clothes), food, architecture, industrial design, and landscapes that inspire me and give me something to fantasize with, I decided to make another journal. Many people will ask me what Clay means and to be short and brief, I took it from this sepia-tone Native vintage postcard I bought at one of my favorite thrift stores. There was this really nice Native tribal belief written in the back of it, which I thought made sense after writing a short poem about life itself, here is what it said:

"RESPECT FOR THE EARTH. Everything that is comes from the Earth. And you must not forget that you come from the Earth as well. When making a pot, you must listen to the Earth, and the clay will speak to you, and you must simply let the clay guide the shape that the pot will become. The clay is alive. The clay will guide your hands. You must never go against the will of the clay, which is ultimately the will of the Earth, and the path to happiness."

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