Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One Step Forward, Four Years Back.

Even though I did nothing out of the ordinary today, I managed to do some pretty productive things. Slept until 4 pm (embarrassingly good), got caught up at work, cleaned my room and finally organized my closet--my closet being the hardest. As I have become addicted to Goodwill's Clearance Center, which is conveniently located only 3 minutes away from my house, I have added countless items of new clothing--all for only .40 cents a pound.As one fights the clothing bins for items, and luckily, none of the women and men who go to the Clearance center are attracted to vintage goodies, Italia and I are always able to score some sweet deals. Going back to my point, as I have purchased many pounds of clothes by now, I have also strayed  from my "style rules": only neutrals and no graphics, but one can't help oneself if clothes are being sold by the whole.
I remember when I was about 16/17 and I started transitioning from colors to solids, and from short sleeves to button-downs and I kept telling myself that a closet full of neutrals and zero-graphics is the best thing to have and that I would own nothing but black, gray and white when I was 20, but now, I have more graphics and prints (mostly bottoms) than ever, which makes it very hard to process, and sometimes match or maybe I'm just becoming a clothes hoarder since I found deep v-neck shirts from when I was in my "only Urban Outfitters" phase circa 2008. Anyways, to make this short, I wondered if my change in selection of clothes was mostly a reflection of my mood or is it that I'm taking two step backwards and I will be wearing graphic shirts like crazy and probably exchanging my Clarks for Hot Topic gift cards.

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