Sunday, December 4, 2011

First Day of Snow: Hybernating.

Yesterday, I went up to Santa Fe to attend some serious and fun business and to avoid the depressing weather conditions (it was snowing on and off throughout the day) I decided to wear this. Can I just say that this is the most comfortable and warmest outfit ever? Also, yes, yes I am wearing a handkerchief as a scarf because I can't stand to wear scarves. It goes without saying that I will be wearing this exact outfit until the cold goes back where it came from. I also think it is important to say that all I'm wearing here has been "collected" over the years, the Wolverine boots date back to four years ago (I purchased them when I was still in high school) same with the quilted vest. I actually do think these two last items deserve an especial post due to the location where I acquired them and how much kids ridiculed me for wearing them back in those days--but that will be on a future post.
Another curious fact is that I got this J.Crew parka at my local Thrift Store for seven dollars or so. The parka was made before what I call the "fitted era" because the sleeves and the shoulder seams are looser but being the addict that I am to "fittedness" I took some width in from the sleeves.

PS: Excuse the lame and still-growing facial hair. I also think my hair looks a bit better in person.

Currently listening to: "Famous Blue Raincoat" by Leonard Cohen.

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