Friday, November 25, 2011

The Bengal Stripe: Chester Mox for The Bengal Stripe

If you don't know The Bengal Stripe is than I recommend you checking it out (but beware of spending a big part of your time checking out all the posts you've missed). Nicolas Lazaro of The Bengal Stripe held a contest give-away for a beautiful Chester Mox wallet and I was the lucky winner. Let me tell you something about the wallet as well as Chester Mox, or better yet, let me quote Nicolas since he does a hell of a great job describing them both:
"Chester Mox is a Los Angeles-based leather goods manufacturer that has, in their mere five years of existence, established a name for themselves within the online menswear community. Having been featured on several popular websites including Hypebeast, Selectism, and StyleForum as well as our friends Put This On and Red Clay Soul, I was no stranger to the brand by the time we started talking about putting together something special for the blog."
 Images via The Bengal Stripe
"We decided on their dual side wallet in tobacco shell cordovan leather; slim and understated by appearance, but with enough space to carry all your essentials. Shell cordovan leather is my favorite, especially in this color. Chester Mox uses some of the finest leathers available and this shell cordovan is one of several excellent leathers they've sourced from Chicago's Horween leather tannery. Inspired by an older J.Press luggage tag that has long since sold out, I had the wallet engraved with the phrase "Not Yours". Which is another thing Chester Mox does great; instead of embossing text, they actually cut it into the leather which results in a much cleaner look."
 The wallet arrived to my surprise on Wednesday but I did not know it had arrived until this morning when I checked the mail. As soon as I got back home I could not wait to open the box and see it. It is truly beautiful, slick, tough, elegant, cool and masculine all at the same time. If you have been looking for a wallet and have been meaning to "treat yo self" to some fine leather goods, I seriously recommend you to check out Chester Mox. After receiving this wallet, I realize the value and quality of leather goods, and the prices are definitely worth it. This wallet is simply gorgeous.

"As I started to pay more attention to how I dressed and how I spent my money, there were times that I was actually ridiculed for it. I think there's a lot of people out there who still have a disposition to dislike people who focus so much attention on what they wear."--Nicolas Lazaro.

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