Thursday, March 29, 2012

WIWT: Camo & Ankle Cleavage

(click to enlarge)
I found this bad ass camo jacket at my local Thrift Town for only four dollars. It fits amazing. It is a true uniform jacket, and you can even see the loose threads that were left after the badges were removed from the jacket. It's seriously the perfect Spring jacket and you have no idea how it good it makes my chest/shoulders look when I wear it (via people telling me my shoulder/chest look "nice."). If you want one but can't afford the Tumblr picks, you should go to your local thrift.

Also, as you can see in this picture, there is a handkerchief on the collar of the jacket. I wear handkerchiefs as neck ties during all the seasons, or at least I carry one in my bag just because it really prevents the sweat or hair product to get on your shirt and it prevents it from discoloring it. I wear them during winter because I can't stand to wear thick scarves and I get neck pains wearing them, so I just wear a handkerchief instead. I advice all guys to give the handkerchief a try, and elongate your collar's life (it will also make you look bad ass depending on what you wear it with). I got this from my grandpa because he would always wear one when he'd take me camping with him as a child.

PS: I know I said there was going to be new tutorials (specially for long sleeves) but work and school have consumed me and all I do is sleep and eat. But I promise I will do these tutorials, I mean, not like it's in high demand but I've gotten some anon messages on tumblr asking for them. Also, I will still do a peacoat tutorials, so you can stock up on peacoats during the summer look all fresh (see what I did there?) during the winter months.

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