Friday, August 26, 2011


I'm homesick for a place I've never been to and I miss the streets I've never walked on. We all wished we could move to that place once in our lives and just become another dot amongst the other dots. I feel so restless most of the time. I miss walking places and not depending on four wheels. But then again, I don't know even know your winters and I know you will depress me like no other, and I will always fear December and January, like I have in all the towns I've lived in. I will flee from you once I get bored and this way, I think I will live in any city my heart decides to put its eyes on, and I will never accomplish anything since I will spend my life fleeing winters just like I have from lovers. I know too much about you and I feel like I have discovered everything interesting there is to know, but like books that have been re-read after years of first coming upon them, I feel like I can always get something new out of you.

I don't want winter to be here. Winters are cruel, winters are long, winters are full of white noise.

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